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Hyderabad pearls: What makes them shine so much?

Pearls are one of the most common jewellery items available in the market today. The story of pearls goes back to the historic ages when humans had started fishing and came across an oyster. Since then, pearls have been an amazing accessory item for people across the world. You must have heard stories where Kings and Queens gifted pearl garlands and bracelets to people whom they found worthy. Pearls have been a significant addition to the shine of gold and silver and they continue being so. However, Hyderabad pearls have been a significant addition to the pearl varieties. What is the reason behind their fame and why do they shine so much; are some of the basic questions that often pester us. Well, this blog would help you in finding suitable answers for all such questions. Let us answer them!

How a pearl is made naturally?

As bizarre it might sound, pearls are actually the secretions from oyster. Just like if something gets into your eyes and you try to clear your eyes with tear secretion. In a similar way, when a particle or irritant makes its way inside the oyster, the oyster starts secreting a layer of coating called Nacre. When this secretion is deposited layer by layer, an ovular shape is formed inside the oyster which is called a pearl. But do you know how this pearl earned its name as a Hyderabad pearl? Let’s check it out.


Journey of pearl to Hyderabad pearl

Hyderabad was the seat of Nizams and their sense of luxury and magnificence is famous all over the world. But pearls in those days used to be a rarity and they were brought by Middle-Eastern traders. The Nizam when presented with pearls, it was a love-at-first-sight for him! He used to get them shipped from Middle-east. It was then that a local trader sought the opportunity and set a pearl shop in Hyderabad. His name was Ram Dutt Malji and he was eventually promoted as the Royal Jeweller. His family maintained the position for a century or so until several shops opened up and hence the term Hyderabad pearl was coined!

Now let us check out the actual terms related to Hyderabadi pearl market. You must be aware of the different jewellery items made with Hyderabad pearls like bracelets, anklets, ear-rings, etc. But do you know that a typical Hyderabad pearl jewellery is called Satlads. They are called so because they are made from seven strands of pearls and precious stones. Now that’s amazing

What are the different types of pearls?

Now that you have understood about the basic information about pearls and all the intricate details about its advent. However, it is important that you are aware of the different types of Hyderabad pearls. It would be easier for you to distinguish an authentic real pearl price in India from a fake one. The Hyderabad pearls for that instance have been differentiated into several classes first. Let’s dive right into them. .

Real pearls

Now as you might be knowing by now that the real pearl necklace with gold is made with saltwater pearls. These are the most abundantly found natural Hyderabad pearls and are authentic. In the olden days when pearls used to be a matter of pride for Nizams, they weren’t polished or waxed like they are done today. They were worn in their natural form. You can find authentic real pearls in the leading jewellery shops and they are quite expensive.
An interesting fact about checking the authenticity of pearls is by observing the shape of pearls. No two pearls should appear similar in shape. It is because pearls are not spherical in shape naturally. However, they are given the shape with the help of chemicals and other compounds.

Cultured pearls

Now these types of pearls may or may not be natural pearls. But these Hyderabad pearls undergo a rigorous process of grading, polishing and even drilling. Yes, these pearls are artificially made to appear like ocean pearls Hyderabad. Their prices vary on the basis of their sheen, glaze and shape uniformity and they can be purchased easily from city of pearls of India.

Duplicate pearls

You must have heard about the saying that all that glitters is not gold. Well, here it can be said for the case of pearls as well. If you ever come across a pearl that is too smooth to feel and too shiny, that could be a duplicate Hyderabad pearl. The biggest point of recognising them can be their sale by suspicious vendors. Remember, real pearls are too expensive to be sold through these unconventional methods.

How to differentiate between real and fake pearls?

Easy method to identify the authenticity of pearls.
You might be presented with a pearl necklace with gold or a pearl ring. If you ever want to change its authenticity, just rub the pearls on your teeth in a side-to-side motion. If you feel a rough or uneven texture on your teeth, congratulations, the pearl set is real! It happens because the fake ones are made with ceramic or plastic that gives them a smooth finish.

Why do pearls shine so much?

You must be aware of the term called lustre? Well, you might have heard about this word in your class 7 chemistry classes. Well, Hyderabad pearls are famous for their distinctive lustre. Do you know that the value of any pearl is decided on the basis of their shine and lustre? It simply implies that the shinier is your pearl, the valuabl e it will be. A real high-lustre pearl can be so clear that you can see your face on it. Seems like the Snow-White caption can be modified for pearls, right?

If you are curious about the major reason behind their lustre, then it can be explained in layman’s terms that a real pearl is the result of Nacre deposition in the form of tiny droplets within the oyster. Now if you take a closer look at some pearls, they might be lustrous but opaque inside. While some might give a translucent effect. The shiny pearl is the result of continuous deposition of Nacre and the more Nacre is deposited, the shinier it will be because it is a derivative of CaCO3.

How to maintain pearls easily?

The procedure to maintain your pearls is quite simple as compared to other jewellery. As bizarre it might sound, for easy maintenance of your pearls, it is important that you wear them often. Yes, maintaining a pearl is easier if you wear it often. In that way the pearl won’t lose its shine and if you are wearing them, it would stay moist and pearls are best suited for moist environment. Let’s check out some other steps for maintaining pearls-

  • Wipe your Hyderabad pearl jewellery with soft clothes like satin, silk, etc.
  • Try using moist cloth as minimum as possible. It can degrade the thread if submerged in water for prolonged period of time
  • Don’t forget to dry your Hyderabad pearls totally before you store them in your wardrobe
  • Always store your Hyderabad pearl jewellery in appropriate position. For instance, keep them flat and don’t entangle them.

Hyderabad black pearls or Hyderabad pearl are too sensitive

If you are one of those people who like dressing up and make-up then you must ensure that you wear your pearl jewellery after you are done with your perfume, foundation and other associated items.

Where to buy them?

Buying a Hyderabad pearl can prove to be a great headache for people who are inexperienced. However, if you want a credible place to buy quality Hyderabad pearls, then look nowhere else other than indianlifestory.com. Their e-commerce portal provides a dedicated assistance in helping people to buy Hyderabad pearls and other associated jewellery. Indian Lifestory aims to provide a sustainable model for people to buy quality Hyderabad pearls. It is the place where you can trust blindfolded and avail 100% authentic Hyderabad pearl jewellery and other handicraft items. Do pay them a visit and check out their inventory.

The luxury of the moon in a Jewel

After diamonds, pearls are a girl's best friend. The magnitude of happiness that a woman experiences cannot be coined with words, but., oh! What a sight it is to gift the woman you care, love, and respect a set of pearls! The experience is priceless and worth the trouble. Gifting pearls also define the value of the woman's role in your life. It shows how much you mean to them.
You might get the idea that gift a pearl set, you are all set to receive praises and appreciation. It is not that easy., Pearls, are categorized by their quality and the place of origin. Your mind straight away goes to the international market.
It is not necessary that., all good and perfect articles can only be from the global market. India is the exporter of high-quality pearls from prime regions of Hyderabad, Baroda, Mumbai, and Delhi. Puzzled on how to choose from the vast range of pearl available in our country? This article will guide you through it.

Guide to buying pearls:

Pearls are a sign of elegance and grace. Every woman deserves to wear the perfect pearl jewelry for suitable occasions. Selecting the right pearl jewelry involves a few steps to be followed. First, you need to identify the difference between the original pearls and imitation ones. There are three types of pearl available in the market. Natural, Cultured, and Imitation Pearls. Natural pearls are the ones that are very rare to find.


Natural pearls were available in the Persian Gulf. Production was at a standstill after the 1930s after the discovery of oil in these regions. Traditional fishing of natural pearls practiced in India, but the pearls harvested are small and expensive.
Cultured pearls are the major stakeholders of the pearl market, the 'Culturing' technique invented in the late 19th Century. Cultured pearls are no different from the natural pearls from the formation point of view. The only difference is that an irritant is injected surgically into the Mollusk and placed in the pearl farms and taken care of till the pearl develops. Out of these cultured pearls., only 5% emerge as the best quality pearls that are cashed-in the making of high-quality pearl jewelry. The lock-in period for the jewel to develop is five to ten years.
Imitation Pearls in no way share a connection with the natural pearls, These pearls., produced from glass beads immersed into a solution based on fish scales., luster at first but fades as obsolescence takes over.

To differentiate the imitation pearls from the natural ones., One can rub one pearl against another one. Imitation pearls glide across one another., but natural and cultured pearls feel gritty against one another due to the layers of nacre. Cultured pearls undergo processes to enhance their luster or even alter their color. The authenticity maintained throughout the process.
A professional jeweler experienced enough to distinguish between real and imitation pearls. They never sell imitation pearls as real ones, as it will lead to a deterioration of their reputation. The professional jeweler has enough training to look for the quality factors that help determine the best pearls. Qualities such as luster, it should be bright and not chalky or dull., Shape, It is rare to find a perfect round-shaped cultured pearl. The round-shaped pearls are expensive. Baroque pearls, a type of cultured pearl, have an irregular shape to it are now commonly cited in fine jewelry.
The average size available in the markets is between 7 to 7 1/2 millimeters. The thumb rule is, 'Larger the pearl, the more valuable it is.' The circumference of the pearl will be clean and smooth. Any unusual spots, bumps, or cracks will have a lesser value and demand compared to a clean, and smooth-surfaced pearl.

Cultured pearls usually give-off Rose-Silver, White-Cream, Gold-Blue, and Grey. The colors range from Rose to black. The Silver/White pearl jewelry looks their best on fair skin tones, and the Gold/Cream looks perfect on wheatish and darker skin toned people.
The strands of the jewelry are a factor to be taken into consideration too. Pearls are not to be in a bunch or twisted.,the knots are to be tied snugly on either side of the pearl balls and shaped uniformly. The color of the silk cord should match the color of the pearl as close as possible.

You can find the best quality Hyderabad pearl jewelry from indianlifestory.com.

Astrological Significance behind Pearls:

Pearls are gems that considered to have an astrological impact. Anyone can wear a pearl., as it has no effects on it. It is auspicious for people born between 22 June to 22 July, otherwise known as the sun sign Cancer. People with sun signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, and Leo are eligible. The pearl is said to have acquitted the power of the moon; the wearer bound to gain qualities such as peace, confidence, courage, and calmness. The moon in astrology represents 'the ruling planet of emotions.' It brings the bearer positivity, courage, and to be psychologically healthy. It also instills the desire to travel and explore. It brings prosperity to people engaged in dairy products and travel and tourism. There are several mental and physical health effects too. It keeps the heart healthy and free. It keeps the emotions in check and keeps the person calm.

An Interesting Historical Excerpt:

La Peregrina is a famous pear-shaped pearl that has a rich history behind it. It was discovered by an African slave, in Panama, Spain in 1579. The slave sold the pearl in exchange for his freedom. The original weight of the perfectly symmetrical pear-shaped pearl was11.2g. It was the largest pearl ever found of the time. The pearl first sold to King Phillip II of Spain. It was to be a marriage gift to his daughter, But since the pearl was extraordinarily beautiful, he kept it to himself. He granted the pearl to each of his wives in the order of succession. All the women bearing the pearl have been facing failed marriages and worse luck. The pearl rumored to possess foul luck and misfortune in the marriage or relationships of the bearer. The bearer is in for trips of unfortunate mishaps while having the pearl.
The pearl was accounted for in the inventory of the Royal family for 200 years. After a few years, the pearl came to the hands of Joseph Bonaparte, elder brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. His rule continued for five years, after which he made to leave the kingdom along with its riches. Spain is where it got the name La Peregrina-The Wanderer. Joseph Bonaparte left La Peregrina to his nephew, Napoleon III of France, through his will. During his exile in London, the Emperor sold La Peregrina to the Duke of Abercorn, James Hamilton. The Duke had gifted the pearl to his wife. The pearl had fallen from the necklace twice and recovered. The Hamilton family held the pearl till 1969 when the sold it at an auction at Sotheby's in London. Richard Burton, a famous American actor, had purchased the pearl at the auction for $37000. He had presented the pearl to Elizabeth Taylor as Valentine's Day present during their marriage. Taylor commissioned Cartier to redesign the necklace, setting La Peregrina with other pearls, Diamonds, and Rubies. In 2005, Taylor had lent it to the Smithsonian Institution for one of its exhibitions. La Peregrina was sold., at a whopping price of more than $11 million. It was at the Christie's auction as a part of Elizabeth Taylor's collection.

Hyderabad Pearls and Its Significance:

Hyderabad is known as the 'city of pearls.' Just on the outskirts of Hyderabad, in Chandanpet.
The people; are engaged in the delicate art of drilling pearls., a skill that has been practiced and passed on for generations. The art had been popular due to the history of the Qutub Shahi Kings and the Asaf Jahis, who were having a favorable affinity towards sparkling jewelry. The pearls in crushed forms; were believed to have healing and beauty benefit properties. Before the discovery of pearl trade in Hyderabad, Pearls were sourced from Basra, Iraq. These pearls were praised for their toughness and rigidity, unlike the ones found in the Bay of Bengal, which were soft and less durable. Coincidentally, the discovery of oils, as mentioned before, was the root cause of the decline of the pearl trade from the Gulf.
Many artisans and merchants have gravitated towards Hyderabad since then. Hyderabad pearls are famous for its Baroque freshwater cultured pearls oysters.